Letter from the new interim watershed coordinator Feb 09 2018

Dear Mill Creek Watershed Protection Stakeholder


Jennifer Cary has announced her resignation from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and from her position as Mill Creek Watershed Coordinator.  As her former supervisor, I appreciate the letters of support that have come in from our partners in this project.  It is clear that Jennifer will be dearly missed, and that she has made an immeasurable impact on your community.


Now, moving forward, it is my primary goal to provide a sense of continuity in our watershed community regarding our plans for Mill Creek. In the short term, I will be working with the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board to develop a more permanent plan for coordinating the implementation efforts for the Mill Creek Watershed Protection Plan.  Updates will be provided as they become available.


I would like to take this opportunity to post a few reminders of the outcomes of our recent December 12th stakeholder meeting and more recent news.


  • The Austin County Extension Office now has an agent on duty. Agent Haylee Wolfford will be our newest partner in the watershed protection project. She moves to Austin Co. from Hardin Co. and I know her to be an experienced and energetic agent.  https://austin.agrilife.org/contact/
  • The Texas Watershed Steward’s Program Workshop was held in Brenham on January 26th at the Washington County Fairgrounds Sales Facility (1385 Old Independence Rd, Brenham, TX 77833). It was a successful program with over 50 attendees.
  • Planning is underway for the quarterly Stakeholder and Steering Committee meeting in March 2018. Quick reminder, we did not have a quorum for the important decision on Mill Creek’s graphic logo at the December 12th  We need all Steering Committee members to make it to this next one.  The meeting is tentatively planned for Tuesday March 27th, 2018
  • For further review, the minutes of the last meeting can be found at: https://millcreek.tamu.edu/files/2018/01/Mill-Creek-ImplemMtgMinutes_20171219.pdf


You may feel free to contact me directly with questions, comments, and concerns at any the following:


Email:  jake.mowrer@tamu.edu

Office phone:  979.845.5366



All the best – and looking forward to the next phase in our partnership.


Jake Mowrer

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