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The Mill Creek Watershed Partnership

A united group of stakeholders invested in improving surface water quality in the Mill Creek Watershed.  The Mill Creek Watershed Partnership stakeholders assisted in the development of the watershed protection plan for Mill Creek by helping to identify potential sources of pollution, setting goals for improvement and identifying management solutions.  Throughout implementation of the watershed protection plan, stakeholders will continue to take part in management activities and guide implementation.

What is a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is any individual or group of individuals that could be affected by water quality impairments or by activities implemented to improve and protect water quality in a watershed. Examples of local stakeholders include:

  • Residents, landowners and managers
  • County or regional representatives
  • Municipal representatives
  • Business and industry representatives
  • Citizen groups
  • Community service organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Environmental and conservation groups
  • Soil and water conservation districts
  • Irrigation districts



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