Water Quality

Mill Creek was identified on the state’s most recent list of impaired waters (2012) due to elevated levels of bacteria. This list, known as the Texas Integrated Report 303(d) list, is compiled every two years using the most recent 7 years of water quality sampling data collected through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Clean Rivers Program. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has been monitoring Mill Creek since 1974.

Additional Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring is an important component to demonstrating reduced impairment in the Mill Creek Watershed. During WPP development, and the first stage of implementation, the Partnership contracted with H-GAC to conduct water quality testing. To eventually remove the Mill Creek Watershed from the 303(d) list, direct measurement of reduced concentrations of E.coli will be required. Extension will work with TWRI to conduct water quality testing for E. coli and nutrients. To ensure the collection of data of a high quality, the sites listed below will be monitored, using the indicated parameters, throughout the project according to a quality assurance project plan.

Click here to download a list of sampling parameters

Monitoring Site Descriptions



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